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Jun 272022

Dear Visitor,

Hereby I'm happy to announce new product as a part of V8 hypervisor infrastructure.

V8IPCF is an Inter Process Communication Framework deployable out of the box on V8 hypervisor.

The main concept of V8IPCF is to have fine-granular architecture decomposing pure cross-platform and platform dependent interfaces.

ARM v8 and v9 are defined as supported platforms.

Best wishes,


V8 progress update

Mar 052022

Dear Visitor,

I'd be happy to announce that V8 version 1 is ready and is in internal testing.

It is planned to be available for public Beta on May 1, 2022.

There will be 3 HW platforms supported out of the box with variety of SW layout configurations.

KPI and documentation are planned to be released together with Beta package.

Best regards,



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