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V8 hypervisor long run test

Jul 062022

Dear Visitor,

Hereby I'm glad to share SeVirt V8 hypervisor release long run intermediate test results.

The current uptime for the system booted with F+LP+L configuration has just stepped over 80 days (see a screenshot below).


UPD: New achievement. Total uptime 114 days without any errors.


Best regards,



Jun 272022

Dear Visitor,

Hereby I'm happy to announce new product as a part of V8 hypervisor infrastructure.

V8IPCF is an Inter Process Communication Framework deployable out of the box on V8 hypervisor.

The main concept of V8IPCF is to have fine-granular architecture decomposing pure cross-platform and platform dependent interfaces.

ARM v8 and v9 are defined as supported platforms.

Best wishes,


V8 Release Demo

May 082022

Dear Visitor,

I would like to announce that first official release of SeVirt V8 Hypervisor is available.

Please find a reference demo package here Demo 2022.05.08.

Please also find new videos available at our Youtube Channel

Below you could see first section demo:

And second section of demo:

Feel free to contact us over email for details and collaboration requests.

Best regards,




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