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V8 introduction

Mar 222021

Dear Visitor,

Today I would like to introduce a new product called simply V8.

It is static Type 1 hypervisor for ARM64.

It relies on five pillars:

  1. Simplicity, namely core hypervisor code is below 8K LOC
  2. Predictability, all configuration is absolutely static and done at bootable image bind time
  3. Robustness, as the code follows the best coding practices and industry standards, V8 gives high resilience to handle potential error conditions
  4. Safety and security, coming from the architecture and product development lifecycle. All potential safety and security treats are transparently addressed in the design
  5. High performance, as a consequence of the pillars stated above, the V8 code gives very high boot performance and low operation expenses

Further information will be available soon.

Best regards,



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